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Creativity and Innovation

This training program is about reaching further by using the power of imagination and creative thinking. It is aimed at refreshing the way you think, exploring different way the mind works. The first task in becoming more creative is giving yourself the permission to do things creatively.

The second is overcoming your personal blocks to creativity. Creative thinking is measured by the ability to give relevant solutions to business issues, assess and improve them. For some people, being creative involves trying not to be embarrassed by their own ideas; for others, it is a matter of being aware that things can be done in many different ways. Some people are self-aware or confident enough to have fewer inhibitions and can just let their creative natures work.
This course will help you reveal the creator and innovator in you. This training is open to all employees who would like to improve their personal impact by being more positive, assertive and socially aware.


Program Objective: – By the end of this program participants will be able to..

  1. Analyze the key concepts of creativity and Innovation
  2. Identify the characteristics of a creative individual & an organization
  • Identify the stages of creativity
  1. List the key principles for encouraging creativity
  2. Analyze the difference between lateral and vertical thinking
  3. Identify how to use core concepts of lateral thinking to enhance creativity
  • Define innovation and its role in an organization
  • Identify the essence of innovation
  1. Identify the human principles for nurturing and sustaining innovation

Recognize the step by step process of problem solving


Managing Internal Customer

Every professional in his walk of life comes across people he finds difficult to handle.. It’s common knowledge that business success cannot be achieved in silos, it’s the people who make the difference and it is through them only the organization and its leaders can be successful.

Office etiquette is being respectful of yourself, your co-workers, and your boss. It is the practice of using the correct code of conduct while in the workplace. This code of conduct begins the minute you walk into a office environment or the second you meet a potential client for business.

Program Objective: – By the end of this program participants will be able to..

  1. Analyze the impact of etiquette in building rapport and lifetime relationships
  2. Use effective business etiquette for professional interactions
  • Learn how to effectively communicate daily with the peers
  1. Learn how to give and receive feedback
  2. Learn basic skill of time management and develop system to organize the work schedule – TAT
  3. Understand 4-S Basics to manage workplace
  • Choose a flexible approach while dealing with others
  • Apply motivators to create a suitable environment accordingly

Time Management

Time is what life is made of. What we do with our time essentially carves out who we are. How we spend our time needs to be aligned with our objectives and priorities.

For almost all of us, there is always too little time and too much to do. How does one handle this? How does one know what to do first? How does one do everything?

Time management is a technique which allows you to get your own work under control. This program is aimed at providing guidelines on managing one’s time, giving pragmatic concepts and techniques which an individual can use on a day-to-day basis to make the most of one’s time. Also it aims to give direction to employees who want to achieve more by utilizing their time properly

Program Objective: – By the end of this program participants will be able to..

  1. Identify how they utilize their time
  2. Identify opportunities to increase productivity
  • Prioritize their task and apply time management tools
  1. Identify their own time waters and ways to overcome it
  2. Reflect on our main priorities in life
  3. Know the right approach i.e. from reactive to proactive time management
  • Delegate assignment to others

Communication Skills

Effective communication has become the most crucial skill in the business world today.”

Communication is the thread which holds people and organizations together, it is the key component of relationships, yet, we tend to take it for granted and overlook its importance.

Are you achieving the business results you and your company need to succeed today? As a manager you spend a lot of your time with people, working hard to jointly achieve set goals. To this end, you not only need to make use of your team’s strengths, but you also need to communicate properly to all team members.

AIAEF Communication Skills program will help to develop high level communication skills that can be use with staff, colleagues and customers. The outcome of program will increase efficiency and productivity. Also it enhances interpersonal relation of an employ within the company and with customers.

Program Objective: – By the end of this program participants will be able to..

  1. Identify and apply different attributes of effective communication (verbal, visual and written) and practice implementing the same
  2. Understand the importance of ‘structuring the message’ – “It’s not what you say but how you say it”
  3. Employ active listening skill
  4. Demonstrate when to use written communication and Follow the guidelines of written communication
  5. Know the effective use of successful communication and the barrier to communication
  6. Conduct meeting effectively
  7. Practice elements of email etiquettes
Global business Concept

Negotiation Skill

Negotiation means striving for a win-win situation which is aiming for satisfied customer. It also means striving for maximum results without adversely affecting the relationship with others. Effective negotiation demands a unique combination of skills aside from the existing selling or buying skills. This practical ‘hands-on’ course focuses on the best negotiation techniques – allowing participants to cooperate rather than compete to achieve a good result for both parties in the negotiation.

During this course, participants will learn to deal with barriers to negotiation and also allowing them to achieve win-win solutions in many different situations. It’s a must attend program for account managers, sales people who regularly negotiate in their business.

Program Objective: – By the end of this program participants will be able to..

  1. Differentiate between selling and negotiating
  2. Recognize stages in buying cycle where all negotiation can take place
  3. Define negotiation and understand skills and its phases
  4. Importance of preparation before negotiation
  5. Recognize own Influencing style
  6. How to listen actively at the negotiation table
  7. How to present your idea more effectively
  8. Demonstrate when to emphasize which added value
  9. How to conclude negotiation