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Course Description:

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) are indispensable in today's healthcare landscape due to their critical role in providing immediate care, ensuring global accessibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency in medical emergencies. EMTs accelerate lifesaving interventions through rapid response and advanced medical techniques, serving as a platform for innovation in emergency healthcare.

This EMT course by Vision India offers enhanced training in security measures, robust patient assessment, and recovery solutions. Streamlined collaboration with other healthcare professionals, coupled with flexible and comprehensive training resources, makes EMTs key enablers for healthcare transformation, offering organizations and communities a competitive edge in emergency medical services. The demand for talent in emergency medical technology is propelled by the imperative for healthcare systems to remain agile, responsive, and cost-effective in an ever-evolving environment. Proficiency in emergency medical services has become a critical component for success in the modern era, establishing EMTs as vital contributors to effective and efficient healthcare delivery.

Join us at Vision India and take the first step towards becoming an EMT – a crucial role that powers the healthcare system and shapes the future of emergency medical services.

Program Highlights:

Comprehensive Curriculum:

  • Detailed study of emergency medical procedures and protocols.
  • In-depth understanding of human anatomy and physiology.
  • Advanced training in trauma care and cardiac emergencies.
  • Hands-On Training:

  • Real-world simulations and practical exercises.
  • Use of state-of-the-art medical equipment and technology.
  • Supervised clinical practice in ambulances and emergency departments.
  • Life-Saving Skills:

  • Mastery of CPR, AED usage, and advanced first aid techniques.
  • Proficiency in airway management, bleeding control, and immobilization.
  • Training in the administration of emergency medications.
  • Expert Instructors:

  • Learn from experienced EMTs and healthcare professionals.
  • Mentorship and support throughout the course duration.
  • Regular feedback and performance assessments.
    • Objectives of the Course
    • Introduction to Healthcare Industry
    • Different Departments in a Hospital
    • Introduction to Healthcare Industry
    • Tools and Equipment
    • Job role of a General Duty Assistant
    • Compassion and Patient centricity
    • Introduction to Human Body Structure and Functions
    • Personnel Hygiene and Professional Behavior
    • Biomedical Waste Management
    • Emergency Medical Responses
    • Body Mechanics.
    • Positioning/ Transferring/ Mobility of Patients
    • Consent/ Documentation and Records
    • Observing and Reporting
    • Patient's Rights and Environment
    • Patient's Basic Care Needs
    • Elimination
    • Bed Making
    • Fall Prevention
    • Mortuary Management
    • Special Procedures
    • Sanitation, Safety and First Aid
    • Infections Control and Prevention
    • Institutional Emergencies - Fire, Safety and Security
    • Emergencies in Healthcare and Response to Patient Call
    • IT Skills
    • Soft Skills And Communication Skills
    • Employability and Entrepreneurship Skills


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