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In today’s competitive world it is imperative for corporates to innovate with a dual objective Extend the Service lines to manage reach & Consistently Evolve better business models to mitigate internal challenges towards cost of service.

Vision India is a progressive organization which lives by the above postulate and brings about distinguished Service propositions ensuring business efficacy. We believe that Urban India will not been able to provide Adequacy of talent, Quantitative and Qualitative, on a continual basis to cater to the needs of the 13 lac corporate entities.

On the other hand, Rural India, with about 130 million educated workers with little or no access to meaningful employment holds the future of the talent pipeline to aggressively fuel the growth in the nation. More so, as India continues its relentless journey of achieving a larger share of the global BPO industry, rural BPOs will play a significant & a more credible role in making this happen and bridge the gap between corporate demand and supply.

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Rural BPO’s with low operational costs and higher retention scores are slowly but steadily filling the vacuum on talent , promoting employability, improving productivity and offering a differentiating service proposition. Albeit, the business model of the BPO industry critically hinges on talent availability.

We @ Vision India aim to develop and train rural youth and make them industry ready with our Skill Enhancement Initiatives that create a ready to deploy talent pool. We firmly believe in taking the opportunity closer to the talent through a strong People & demographic Connect. Our Skill Enhancement methodology includes writing the process scripts, accent training, recruiting and training rural associates and implementing call routing mechanisms to be able to meet the needs of each customer differently and yet provide high level of service excellence and client satisfaction.


I am going to learn a lot during my journey in VISPL. Thanks VISPL


I learnt a lot many things during training . it is a good experience.

  • Lower cost of Operations
  • Committed workforce
  • Better Retention
  • Higher Productivity
  • Strong People & demographic Connect
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Employment and Reverse migration
  • Exposure to Corporate
  • Job security and high Career Progression

With enhanced focus on infrastructure development in the Rural areas, the underlying infrastructure challenges will also be adequately addressed.

Vision India, a pioneer in ‘Innovating for the Client‘, has taken the lead and is proud to share that we have aligned our intellectual & financial capital to augment the “Rural BPO” concept in India.

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