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The National Apprenticeship Training Scheme (NATS): Bridging the Skill Gap through On-the-Job Training

The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSME) has launched the National Apprenticeship Training Scheme for apprenticeship. With the help of this scheme, the government can bridge the skill gap. Through this policy, the government also helps provide industry training to students, apprentices, and more. Trained apprentices benefit both the industry and the nation.

This scheme helps increase employment opportunities and boost economic development.

  • NATS provides training for one year to the apprentices. Technically equipped students get trained to develop their practical knowledge and skills in this training process. These skills can be implemented in the field of work.
  • Under this process, apprentices get training from top-notch trainers. These trainers are from reputed firms, which may be central, state, or private, with excellent training facilities.

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) has approved INR 3,054 crore for apprentices who take training under the NATS program from 2021–22 to 2025–26 (31/03/2026).

As the youth are moving towards employment, the NATS passed a new guideline that the NATS program will provide technical training in the technical field and to general streams. The training period for students in these fields could be between 6 months and 3 years.

Approximately 9 lakh apprentices will receive formal training from companies and commercial organisations. The science, engineering, humanities, or commerce-graduated apprentices will receive a NATS-approved amount per month.

Key Features of NATS

A Wide Range of Subjects: In this growing world, every single student prefers to learn new things. Some people want to shift their careers with the help of science, while others choose commerce. To cover all these things, the Government of India has passed this beneficial NATS scheme. This apprenticeship program provides 126 plus subject fields for graduates or diploma apprentices.

Skill Development: The government understands that every person's skill development is crucial for improving the economy. For that, this technical training scheme is beneficial. The apprentices, whether graduates or diploma holders in science, commerce, humanities, or engineering, get skill-based training. This skill-based learning helps bridge the gap between the company and the apprentices.

Certification of Skills: In the era of delivering credible services to companies, the government is also working on this career development initiative for apprentices. Under this scheme, the apprentice will get a certification of proficiency from the GOI at the end of their training period. Using this certificate, apprentices consider that they are eligible for all employment exchanges across India.

Payment of a Stipend: Under this government scheme, the apprentices will get training from skilled professionals. In exchange for training apprentices, the government will pay a stipend amount to apprentices, 50% of which goes to the employer by GOI. This provides benefits to both the companies and the economy.

Industry-based Training: NATS helps fill the skill gaps by providing industry-based training to apprentices. With work-based learning, apprentices get all the necessary training, which helps make them proficient in their field.

Onboard People with the Right Skills: With the help of a technical training scheme, employers can get versatile candidates into their company. Skilled employees always help companies by handling their complex technical issues.

Benefits of NATS for Industries and India as a Nation

Companies in India get several benefits from this government scheme. This helps them stand in a highly competitive environment. Businesses by shaking hands with NATS, get access to a pool of qualified apprentices. Who receives all the necessary training from experts. Companies with them can meet global standards and stand amid a competitive environment. In the vocational training program, the students get industry-based training. Firms can use their expertise in the development. They can also run meeting programs for company professionals and apprentices. With this, industries get more innovative ideas. This takes businesses towards continuous improvement and adaptability.

NATS plays a crucial role in shaping India's future. By providing the necessary skill development training, this scheme fulfils job requirements. This scheme is also helping the Indian youth by providing skill-based training. NATS also provides international exposure to the apprentices. This learning helps them understand different work cultures, advanced technologies, global mindsets, etc. This helps apprentices and positions India as a hub for skilled talent.

We are a Top-notch Platform Serving the Skilling Needs of Many

Vision India has proficiency in providing top-notch services. As a trusted partner, we are the best at bridging the gap between companies and skilled employees. We help with the quick and easy execution of the program. Our company has professionals who help bridge the gap by supporting the registration process, monitoring, training, and more.

Benefits of Partnering with Vision India for the NATS Programme

Easy Stipend Administration: This is the government policy that helps companies and apprentices. In exchange for training, the GOI will provide the amount to the companies and the candidates. We coordinate with the employers and ensure easy administration of stipends.

Quick Registration: Our company guides apprentices in the registration process. With us, apprentices can easily register themselves on the apprenticeship portal.

Monitoring: Constant monitoring is crucial in every process. Our experts understand this is crucial for the companies and the apprentices. That's why our company conducts regular monitoring and documentation of CSR activities.

Always Available: To train the apprentices, trained professionals are required. Our company ensures the constant availability of qualified personnel for the apprenticeship training scheme.

Improve Skills for the Future: Our company is working while putting present and future perspectives in mind. That's why we develop human resources for the betterment of the present and future of the company and its apprentices.

Provide a Large Candidate Database: In the developing world, every organisation wants to get the most qualified candidate. However, finding and hiring the same can be challenging. Our company has a database of NATS apprentices, which helps agencies get what they want. Through this, agencies can get disciplined and skilled employees.

Meet organisational goals: For better development, it's crucial to meet organisational goals. This helps the economy of the nation. Our company helps bridge the gap by providing a suitable candidate to meet the company's goals.

We help guide employers and apprentices in the apprenticeship program. Contact Vision India for more details!

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