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The National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS): Empowering Youth and Companies

For effective economic growth, it is crucial to maintain the pace with the growing world. The government of India always takes steps to empower a nation.

The National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS) is a great step the government had taken in 2016 to promote apprenticeships. The initiative helps provide practical knowledge to apprentices. NAPS offers a robust platform to everyone through which they can boost their skills and contribute to the nation’s workforce.

NAPS provides several benefits to businesses and apprentices. Vision India Services Pvt. Ltd. also participates in this government initiative. We are the best third-party agency (TPA) for NAPS. Our company is working with the government on the initiative of NAPS Skills India. We are committed to creating a better future for the Indian workforce with NAPS apprenticeships. Our company helps bridge the gap between the government, employers, and aspiring apprentices by participating in this fascinating initiative.

With Vision India as the best TPA partner, companies can use the NAPS scheme and build a skilled workforce. We help ensure the smooth participation of employees or apprentices using the NAPS portal. Companies can benefit from the revolutionary program to drive positive results in skill development and employment opportunities. Whether you’re a startup or a fully established business, we help you maximise the benefits of NAPS opportunities. With this, we also participate in India’s advancement.

Why Choose Vision India as a NAPS TPA?

Expertise and Experience: Our company consists of professionals with years of experience in providing customised services. We are the best TPA partner, with expertise in handling all the processes that come under NAPS.

Offer Tailored Solutions: Our company has been helping many organisations for years with the help of technology and experts. The experts from our company use its extensive network and leverage matching algorithms to find what the client firm needs. Brands outsource their services to us, as we are proficient in providing the best to our clients.

Provide skilled apprentices: Our company has been helping many organisations for years with the help of technology and experts. The experts from our company use its extensive network and leverage matching algorithms to find what the client firm needs. Agencies outsource their services to us, as we are proficient in providing the best to our clients.

Compliance Assurance: The companies must adhere to NAPS guidelines for their benefit. We help them in this process, through which their image stays good. With us, employers can maintain their compliance throughout the apprenticeship journey.

Comprehensive Support: Our experts help guide participants from initial NAPS registration to program completion. We have expertise in supporting employers and apprentices, guiding them through every step of the process, and addressing any challenges.

Benefits to NAPS Organisations

  • Bridging the skills gap in the company.
  • Companies can design and run customised courses.
  • Increase the availability of industry-ready, skilled manpower well-versed in the company culture.
  • Reduce expenditure on the hiring process.
  • Increase the loyalty factor.
  • Financial support from the government through NAPS.
  • Reduces attrition.
  • Customised training helps fulfil the specific needs of the business.
  • Employers are not required to participate in EPF and ESI payments.
  • Employers can get 25% of the authorised stipend. Employees would not receive the honorarium during their training.
  • Companies get basic training fees for apprentices without formal trade training.
  • Businesses can hire apprentices from 2.5% to 15% of their personnel.
  • Employers can use CSR funds for skill training beyond the Apprentices Act's minimum requirements.
  • The apprenticeship portal provides employers with tools for timely report filing and contact information.
  • Recognised as a nation-building effort, it enhances the brand image and fosters positive sentiment.

Benefits of a NAPS Trainee

  • Apprentices get a salary for training, which helps manage living expenses and reduces the student loan load.
  • Effective training opens the door to permanent job opportunities in the same field.
  • Apprenticeships foster relationships between peers and employers.
  • Completion may lead to industry-recognised credentials, which strengthen resumes.

Vision India, a Customised NAPS Service Provider

Vision India has energised and motivated employers to become actively involved in the employment assemblage in India, where unemployment is a major societal issue. In the process of proportioning towards government schemes, our clients have benefited and created a prospective workforce to meet the specific needs of the organisations. Partnering with Vision India also gives you access to our pool of talent, future workforce, and ongoing support via the National Apprenticeship Promotions Programme (NAPS).

  • Our experience with resources and the integration of complicated and rich intellectual solutions.
  • We skill and upskill our workforce.
  • We collaborate with companies to engage youngsters through factor-driven work reforms.
  • Professionally streamlined

Why Vision India as Your Authorised Third-Party Agency (TPA) in India?

Companies can choose us as their best NAPS TPA. By choosing us, they can leverage NAPS benefits and empower the next generation. Whether you are running a small or large corporation, our experts can help you with the NAPS process. With us, firms can leverage apprenticeship training for more benefits. Start your journey with Vision India for unmissable development, innovation, and success.

Valuable Learnings: With our years of experience, we understand how to deal with clients and how to train apprentices.

Growing Talent Database: Experts from our firm update the talent database to help clients.

Joint Training: Our company provides joint training to the participants to build a job-ready workforce.

Lowers Spend: For companies, the hiring process can be expensive. We help client companies reduce their fresh recruitment costs.

Reduced Churn: In the apprenticeship training program, we also teach apprentices about loyalty. This reduces the attraction rate and improves the productivity of the company.

Improve Work Quality: Practical knowledge always helps companies beat the competition. However, candidates with theoretical and practical knowledge are rare. We help bridge this gap and provide the most suitable candidates to the client firms.

Vision India encourages companies to participate in this employment journey. We understand that unemployment is not only a public concern. Our company is with the government and giving our best in this. We provide the best services to our clients due to our years of experience. Companies are getting the ideal workforce after shaking hands with us.

After outsourcing your services, you get access to a large talent pool to fill your future needs. Our experts assist you with the NAPS process and provide you with the best. Contact Vision India now for more information!

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