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Training of Trainers (ToT) program is multifaceted and geared towards empowering individuals to become effective trainers capable of delivering high-quality training sessions. Focused on adult learning principles and interactive techniques, this course prepares trainers to engage audiences and improve performance outcomes. ToT program serves as a powerful tool for enabling managers to enhance their leadership capabilities and drive organizational success.

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Course Description:

“Training of Trainer" course equips individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively train others in a particular subject or field. Train the Trainer programs empower individuals to become effective trainers, leading to more engaging training sessions, a broader impact across the organization, develop a culture of continuous learning and improvement and create a ripple effect that amplifies the impact of training efforts.

“Training of Trainer" program is instrumental in creating better managers by developing specific skills and competencies that are essential for effective management and providing them with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to lead effectively, develop their teams, and drive organizational success. Managers gain invaluable skills and knowledge in designing, delivering, and evaluating effective training sessions. This equips them to not only train their own teams but also to disseminate critical knowledge and best practices throughout the organization. Through a deep understanding of adult learning principles and interactive training techniques, managers become adept at engaging audiences, fostering collaboration, and improving performance outcomes. It empowers managers to tailor training initiatives to address specific organizational needs, ensuring that training efforts are aligned with strategic objectives. Overall, recognizing the importance of effective leaders being skilled trainers, training program led to stronger employee development, better communication, enhanced leadership effectiveness, and increased organizational agility, ultimately contributing to long-term success and sustainability.

Program Highlights:

Comprehensive Curriculum:

  • The program covering technical Skills (trade specific training), including soft skills, Communication skills, Platform Skills, Interpersonal and Behavioural skills, Personality Development, and more.
  • In-depth understanding of methodologies, practice and assessment.
  • Hands-On Training:

  • Group Discussion, Role Plays, Extempore and practical exercises.
  • Practical application of knowledge through hands-on training ensures participants are well-equipped for real-world challenges.
  • Cognitive Skills Development:

  • Participants engage in cognitive skills training, covering essential aspects such as cyber awareness, social media etiquette, and interviewing skills.
  • Expert Instructors:

  • Learn from experienced Corporate professionals.
  • Mentorship and support throughout the course duration.
  • Regular feedback and performance assessments.
  • Introduction to Soft Skills

    • Understand the importance of soft skills and their impact on professional and personal success. Definition and significance of soft skills
    • Difference between soft skills and hard skills
    • The role of soft skills in career advancement and workplace harmony

    Communication Skills

    • Enhance verbal, non-verbal, and written communication skills
    • Active listening - Public speaking and presentation skills - Business writing and email etiquette - Body language and non-verbal cues- Grooming - **Activities**: - Role-playing exercises - Group discussions - Presentation practice

    Interpersonal and Behavioral Skills

    • Behavioral Skills: Emotional Intelligence -Understanding emotions and their impact - Techniques for self-regulation - Building empathy - Social skills for building relationships - **Activities**: - Emotional intelligence assessments - Reflection exercises - Group activities to practice empathy
    • Interpersonal Skills: Dynamics of team roles and responsibilities - Conflict resolution and management - Building trust and cooperation - Strategies for effective collaboration - **Activities**: - Team-building exercises - Problem-solving tasks - Conflict resolution role-play

    Platform Skill

    • Presentation Technique- Storytelling Fundamentals- Audience engagement strategies-Motivating and inspiring teams - Setting SMART goals - Prioritization techniques - Managing distractions and procrastination - Tools and techniques for productivity - **Activities**: - Time management exercises - Productivity tool demonstrations - Personal goal-setting workshops

    Learning & Development

    • Developing Positive Attitude and Confidence- Overcoming Barriers of Learning-Develop effective training techniques and methodologies. - Designing engaging training sessions - Utilizing multimedia and technology in training - Assessment and feedback mechanisms - **Activities**: - Training session design workshops - Micro-teaching sessions - Feedback and improvement sessions

    Module-1 30 hours

    Soft Skills

    • Workplace and communication
    • Design thinking
    • Financial Literacy
    • Social media and digital footprint
    • Cyber awareness
    • Presentation skills
    • Email Etiquettes
    • Introduction to resources for continuous learning
    • Resume building
    • Interview skills

    Module-2 14 hours

    Numerical Aptitude

    • Number System
    • Percentages
    • Simple and Compound Interest
    • Profit and Loss
    • Speed, Time and Distance
    • Average
    • Ratio and proportion
    • Time and Work

    Module-3 16 hours

    Logical Reasoning

    • Encoding – Decoding
    • Data Arrangements
    • Permutation- Combination, Probability
    • Statement and Assumptions
    • Letters and Symbol series
    • Course of Action
    • Logical Deduction
    • Data Interpretation


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